Friday, March 15, 2019

Some Ideas

At this moment, halfway march, I am thinking about thing to do in the coming months. Hopefully the snow will be gone in a couple of weeks and then I can continue finishing the new part of the house we started building last year. I need to make the inside walls and install a chimney for our wood stove. We need to go up the roof and that is on this moment impossible with half a meter snow.
Well I need to have some patience and adjust to the Swedish life 😉

I have an idea to attract some people to our place with a day or weekend with a music experience and demonstrations free for all people in the region. I am thinking about setup all my percussion instruments so people can see, hear and learn about them.

Of course playing them will also be part of the day. We can also open our house to people who would like to learn more about singing and using their voice in a good and musical way. Ytje can give them tips and practice with them. We can give a little house concert in our living room for instance.
Hopefully we can interest the local paper, Veckobladet, to wright a little piece about this and attract the people to come. We will see.

When the weather is improved we can start with the garden again. Hopefully grow some vegetables and of course herbs. It is always hard to do this here because of the short summer. We have to start as early as possible.

I started to build a second greenhouse last year and I want to see if I can finish this next month so we can use it this spring/summer.

So we have a lot to do and hope the weather will help us.
Last year was to hot and dry. Hopefully this year will be better.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

January 2019

As you can see I have not posted a new item for a long time. At this moment it is January again, but now in the year 2019! Outside is not much different than on last post: snow and cold...

Must say we had some changes in the last year. We made more music, also with new Swedish friends and the building of the new part of the house is almost finished. Just some painting outside, adding walls inside and finishing the construction for the cooking stove.

As soon as the weather makes it possible we will install the chimney on the roof.

This summer I hope to make a carport and a compost toilet. We shall see…

Monday, January 29, 2018

The start of a new year

It is now almost February and winter is still fully around. At our place we have quite a lot of snow. The main roads are fine but the secondary roads can be icy and slippery.

We have made a beginning with the winter room at the back of the house and the roof is finished. When the outdoor temperature is rising we will continue but for now we take a break.

In April we will visit Ytje's brother in Germany because his wife will be 50. There will be a big party. After this we will go to Holland also for a few short visits. Hope the snow will be gone at that time...

We are still studying Swedish at this moment. Although we have finished the main course we still feel we can learn a bit more. We aim for this summer to finish this extra lessons.
Had some little troubles with our van and decided to buy another car. We choose a Volvo this time. It drives great!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Jul i Sverige

It is the last day for Christmas today and all over the world we think about peace and happiness. It is always the time for light and compassion to our fellow humans and we all hope next year we will get rid of all the wars and hunger in the world. Also here in Sweden. We are living now for one and a half year in this country and are feeling at home. Today Ytje and I choose a tree from our garden and are decorating it. Just like so many of us in all countries.

Here it has been snowing for a while and all tough it has been a bit above zero for a few days, the snow remains. So we have a white Christmas!

We hope everybody everywhere will have a good and peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year!